7 Christian College Courses Connecting Faith And Vocation

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There are many benefits to attending a Christian college. A lot less booze, for example, makes for a safer and cleaner campus. And prayers and acts of kindness on behalf of others (especially during finals week) is not an unfamiliar part of the student lifestyle. Among the many perks of attending Christian colleges is the smorgasbord of classes created to aid believers in encouraging and enhancing their faith while preparing them to enter their vocations in the real world.

30 October 2015

Books Can Change Lives: How To Start Your Own Inspirational Library Ministry At Home

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Do you ever wish you could start your own ministry to share your faith with others? Starting an at-home lending library is one way you can help others grow in their faith without sacrificing a huge amount of your time. A library ministry is a good fit for those with busy schedules. You can determine the hours your library is open or simply make it available by appointment only. Books truly can change lives.

16 October 2015

4 Different Ways Your Kids Can Benefit From Attending A Bible Study Group

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Going to church as a family is a great way to invoke a sense of spirituality in your kids, and Sunday school offers a supplementary source of support to help young people learn how to interpret the scriptures. But it's a good idea to consider providing your kids with some empowerment over how they craft their own spiritual life. A great way to do this is to send them to a weekly bible study group.

9 October 2015