Staying True To Your Spiritual Side

After I developed a serious stress and anxiety disorder, I decided to meet with a therapist. She started by talking with me about my problems and asking me how I dealt with issues in the past. When I brought up church, she explained that religion is a calming, relaxing way to reduce stress. She talked with me about staying true to my spiritual side, and it was nice because she didn't put any pressure on me at all. That day, I decided to focus more on attending my church meetings and serving others, which was naturally relaxing. This blog is here to help you to stay true to your spiritual side, so that you can live a well-rounded life.

Christian Jewelry Can Make A Great Gift For The Woman Or Women In Your Life


Are you looking for Mother's day gifts for your mom, grandmother, or wife? Are you having trouble finding something to fit their personalities? If they are religious and you want to give them Christian jewelry, there are a wide variety of items that you can choose from. Here are a few gifts that you may want to consider giving them:  

  • Necklaces: Delight your grandmother with a necklace adorned with the "sign of the fish" which is also known as the ichthys or ichthus. She may be surprised to learn that the fish was used by early Christians as a secret symbol between one another. Although the exact beginnings of the original symbol have been lost through time, your grandmother may want to wear it to signify how Jesus miraculously fed 5,000 people, according to Matthew 14. Also, while she may already have a cross necklace, she may appreciate another style of cross to wear for different occasions or with different outfits.
  • Bracelets: If your mother has a favorite Bible verse, she can display it proudly on an inscribed bracelet. For example, she might want a bangle that cites her preferred verse, either saying simply "John 3:16" or just the first few words of that verse. She can also draw daily strength if she wears a bracelet with statements such as "If God be for us, who can be against us?" from Romans 8:31, or "No weapon formed against you shall prosper" from Isaiah 54:17. 
  • Earrings: Your wife may prefer elegant post earrings that show other important Christian symbols, such as crosses or doves. She might also want dangling earrings that have been engraved with popular sentiments such as "Christ is the key" or "Jesus loves you" or even just "WWJD?" and that can help her profess her faith. If she likes to witness to other people, she may want Christian jewelry that is slightly unusual looking, to promote having other people ask her questions about her religion.

Christian jewelry has come a long way in recent years. In the past, it may have been difficult for believers to find anything beyond a simple cross to display their beliefs. Many religious people were limited to wearing whatever Christian jewelry was available for sale in their local Christian bookstore. Today, many more options are available online. Whether you're buying for yourself or just a gift for someone else, you can choose a gift for your loved one that allows them to personalize their statement of faith with a wide variety of jewelry that's both stylish and modern. 


28 January 2016