Staying True To Your Spiritual Side

After I developed a serious stress and anxiety disorder, I decided to meet with a therapist. She started by talking with me about my problems and asking me how I dealt with issues in the past. When I brought up church, she explained that religion is a calming, relaxing way to reduce stress. She talked with me about staying true to my spiritual side, and it was nice because she didn't put any pressure on me at all. That day, I decided to focus more on attending my church meetings and serving others, which was naturally relaxing. This blog is here to help you to stay true to your spiritual side, so that you can live a well-rounded life.

7 Christian College Courses Connecting Faith And Vocation

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There are many benefits to attending a Christian college. A lot less booze, for example, makes for a safer and cleaner campus. And prayers and acts of kindness on behalf of others (especially during finals week) is not an unfamiliar part of the student lifestyle. Among the many perks of attending Christian colleges is the smorgasbord of classes created to aid believers in encouraging and enhancing their faith while preparing them to enter their vocations in the real world.

Here are 7 examples of courses that prepare students to better connect their faith with their futures.

  1. Faith and Artistic Development in Film: Courses like this one explore the historical and spiritual impact of film. They also study trends in audiences' responses to subject matter, techniques, movements, and Hollywood culture, all while seeking to integrate faith in the art of film.
  2. Human Creativity: A Christian college in Missouri offers this course as a way of addressing the specific spiritual needs of devout Christians entering the world of creative arts.
  3. Faith, Music, and Culture: This class is geared to understanding a Christian approach to contemporary music. Students will explore many aspects of this industry, including creation, marketing, and consumption.
  4. Christian Ethics Applied to Business: In Texas, this business course examines ethical theory within applicable case studies. It uses a Christian perspective in exploring today's business practices and the responsibilities and consequences that are involved.
  5. Social and Ethical Issues in Engineering: This course explores Christian responses to social and ethical responsibilities within the fields of engineering and technology. It explores technological values and the impact of technological change.
  6. God and Nature: Students enrolled in this class will discuss Christian responses to current environmental problems. They will explore questions of faith and science in addition to studying the theology of creation.
  7. Calling, Career, and the Christian Life: In a Californian Christian college, there is an entire course dedicated to guiding the Christian student into their worldly vocation. It even includes opportunities to reflect on personal calling.

While these and many more courses promoting faith and vocation together are offered at Christian colleges across the country, the nature of Christian colleges is such that even in classes that are not overtly connecting religion and occupations, a comment related to Christian beliefs is not unfamiliar. Perhaps in the middle of a lesson on human biology, a student recognizes the wonder of God's creations. Faith-building messages can be weaved throughout the curriculum in creative ways. And for believers, this is a mighty bonus. If you're looking for a Christian school in your local area, visit Lakeside Christian School.


30 October 2015