4 Different Ways Your Kids Can Benefit From Attending A Bible Study Group

Going to church as a family is a great way to invoke a sense of spirituality in your kids, and Sunday school offers a supplementary source of support to help young people learn how to interpret the scriptures. But it’s a good idea to consider providing your kids with some empowerment over how they craft their own spiritual life. A great way to do this is to send them to a weekly bible study group. Here are a few different ways in which your little ones can benefit from this ongoing experience:

Emotional Benefits

One of the best things about bible study groups for kids is that they get to take advantage of support on an emotional level that closely matches their own. This allows them to ask questions and engage on their own terms, not having to worry about whether or not their thoughts can be fully understood by adults who more than likely have a much more accelerated frame of reference and base of knowledge.

Spiritual Benefits

Going to bible study without parents allows kids to be themselves and engage in their spiritual experience at a pace and in a way that best fits their own needs. Being able to have control over how they create a spiritual relationship with God will ensure that your children maintain a strong sense of personal confidence and compassion on their own terms.

Physical Benefits

Another benefit of attending regular bible study sessions is the opportunity to get active with other kids when the television might otherwise be the main source of entertainment those evenings. Kids generally move around a lot, so many physical games tend to be played during bible group sessions that are geared toward children. You can expect to hear your kids tell you about playing spiritual versions of tag, Simon says, and other similar options.

Creative Benefits

Without the guidance of parents and other adults around, children have the opportunity to interpret bible verses using their own creative powers and intuition. This is important, as your kids will need to rely on their ability to make interpretations as they read the bible when they are adults. Practicing early helps to make that skill strong. Art projects and creative thinking tasks are also common bible study inclusions, which also helps to strengthen your children’s creative abilities.

In addition to these benefits, chances are that your child will enjoy the basic experience of getting together with other like-minded kids in a positive setting that encourages exceptional emotional growth. Contact the Church of Christ for more information.